Learning great strategies for Trivia Crack

381824-fullAre you a fan of trivia games? If so, then you should definitely try playing Trivia Crack. It’s easily one of the best trivia games on the market. In fact, it’s the #1 trivia game in the U.S. and Canada. Besides that, in December 2014 it became the #1 downloaded game on the Apple App store. The game was first launched in October 2013 in Latin America. However, it was later translated into English and became a smash hit in English as well. Etermax is the company that developed the game. The company’s offices are in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.    

There are many benefits of the game, such as a trivia crack cheats being available. That’s not all. The game is also available on various platforms, such as Android, Amazon App Store, iOS, Windows Phone, and Facebook. This is definitely a big plus since you can enjoy the game on basically any smartphone. But that’s not the only benefit of the game. It’s also available in 10 different languages. The game has many of the elements of other trivia games, but certainly has benefits and a uniqueness about it. In Trivia Crack players answer questions from 6 different categories.

Each of the categories is represented by a cartoon character. The objective of the Classic made is to answer trivia questions correctly. By doing that the player can get all 6 characters before the other players do. Players can play against a current friend, a Facebook friend, or a random player. Players spin a wheel that includes 7 slots. There’s a slot for each knowledge category and a “crown” slot. The winner of the game is the first one to get all 6 characters of the 6 categories. A Trivia Crack game can also end after 25 rounds are completed. Are you ready to try Trivia Crack?